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Boxes For Sale

  • All prices INCLUDE VAT

Second hand boxes – £1.60 each (sizes depend on stock available). Please contact James on 01920 461616 to pre-order your boxes.

Good clean second hand boxes

  • Three sizes of boxes in stock

Packaging Materials

  • Roll of tape – £4.00 per roll
  • Bubble wrap – £1.20 per metre. (1400 mm wide)

Useful Advice

Box sizes and stock may be different to those published according to availability.  Please visit us to confirm what is available and prebook any boxes you may need.

Consider what boxes & packing materials you need.
Do you need brand new boxes? Isn’t it better for the environment to use cardboard boxes as often as possible?

Do you need such a wide selection of boxes?  What are you packing into each box?
Using one size of box will make stacking them much easier. Saving you space & therefore costs.

Bubble wrap is cheaper if bought off a large roll rather than individual packets of 1m square.  Some items may need two layers to protect them sufficiently.  When protecting corners of pictures & mirrors always use a piece of tape to stop the bubble wrap tearing.

Why use expensive new clean paper that is the same quality as the free newspapers you get through the door?  After all you will wash the china & glasses before you use them or put them away after storage.

When packing boxes put heavy items at the bottom, ensure the box is full and you can close the lid.  Half empty boxes collapse and will make the stack fall over.

Use good vinyl tape to secure boxes closed. Cheap tape will become unstuck or tear very easily and the contents may spill out.

Make sure each box is labelled with the contents.  When you want one item you can find the right box straight away.

Pack plates on their side, call to ask why. Make sure glasses cups & bowls have paper all round & inside them.

Statures or figurines must have each limb or delicate part wrapped individually. Best to use paper first then use bubble wrap round the whole item.