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Shipping Container

All prices include VAT

  • Inside a 20ft container

    8ft(w) x 19ft(d) x 8ft(h) inside.

  • 152 square feet or 1,200 cubic feet.
  • Made of steel with wooden floors and air vents which stop condensation.
  • Two large doors with locking handles.

Suitable for:-

Those who need a larger area and easy access.
-Surplus trading stock
-Heavier items

Steel containers stored outside.

Charges for storage:

  • Racking and boxes inside a 20ft container

    Ground floor 20 foot shipping container £50.40 per week
    1st floor 20 foot shipping container £[ffshipng] per week

  • Deposit of £50.00 is required. Refundable after all effects have been removed and the account is paid in full.
  • We invoice for storage every FOUR weeks for payment in advance.
  • If you move out before the end of that four week period, we refund any over payment.
  • Storage is charged per week or part thereof.